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03/26/2015CancelledAnthony T. BanksU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$173,899.94
03/26/2015CancelledChad M. White & Tonya TheobaldBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$166,966.85
03/26/2015SoldClayton Wayne & Deidre D. AllenCitiMortgage, Inc.Greenfield$281,146.85
03/26/2015SoldGavin M. & Jennifer R. Kelly JPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$140,988.78
03/26/2015SoldGeorge W. & Tamara K. PaschalU.S. Bank Trust, N.A.Greenfield$110,998.32
03/26/2015SoldHarry L. Ferson, Jr.Green Tree ServicingGreenfield$177,581.62
03/26/2015CancelledIra G. KeyU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$93,653.17
03/26/2015SoldJames R. & Yoshimi ThorntonMYCUMORTGAGE, LLCGreenfield$150,091.99
03/26/2015CancelledJason A. BarrettThe Bank of New York MellonMcCordsville$160,689.80
03/26/2015SoldJeremy T. & Rebekah L. BrownJPMorgan Chase BankFountaintown$149,564.20
03/26/2015CancelledJohn W. & Sherri M. StewartDeutsche Bank National Trust Co.Greenfield$166,931.69
03/26/2015CancelledJonathan C. & Salia ThompsonJPMorgan Chase BankNew Palestine$169,997.90
03/26/2015CancelledKendall M. & Karie K. WilsonU.S. Bank, N.A.New Palestine$189,402.68
03/26/2015CancelledLora L. YoungU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$98,692.59
03/26/2015CancelledSamantha J. MarlmanJPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$90,041.80
03/26/2015SoldSusan McPhersonU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$79,791.55
03/26/2015CancelledTheodore S. HatfieldJPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$88,079.50
04/16/2015 Brian L. & Alison EllisonU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$161,229.78
04/16/2015 David M. & Shannon E. MontgomeryJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$264,440.02
04/16/2015CancelledDonald E. & Lillian G. TansyNationstar Mortgage LLC McCordsville$177,266.75
04/16/2015 Donald R. & Stacey L. DeromeJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$144,632.59
04/16/2015 Edward A. DavisBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$88,620.05
04/16/2015 Floyd M. AllowayJPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$36,034.20
04/16/2015 Frank A. BrownWells Fargo BankGreenfield$149,226.57
04/16/2015 Melina D. & Frank F. HilfikerBank of America, N.A.McCordsville$133,218.02
04/16/2015 Paul S. BewleyQuicken Loans Inc.Greenfield$120,192.62
04/16/2015 Ralph A. & Kathryn J. WesnerBank of New York MellonGreenfield$131,468.01
04/16/2015 Rebecca D. PattersonU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$139,614.77
04/16/2015 Richard D. & Sandra CollinsFlagstar Bank, FSBGreenfield$117,045.41
04/16/2015 Robert L. Gottschalk, IINationstar Mortgage LLC Greenfield$138,541.97
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