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04/06/2017 Brenda J. TuckerDitech Financial LLC New Palestine$245,525.45
04/06/2017 Bryan & Karri HarbertWells Fargo Bank, N.A.New Palestine$167,434.60
04/06/2017 Carol A. WebbMidFirst BankFortville$107,948.17
04/06/2017 Cynthia L. EvansDitech Financial LLCGreenfield$49,763.72
04/06/2017 Dinah L. McAllisterFranklin American Mortgage CompanyNew Palestine$185,423.04
04/06/2017 John & Kimberly G. BeauchampFederal National Mortgage AssociationFortville$117,385.24
04/06/2017 Russell E. GivansU.S. Bank National AssociationGreenfield$123,762.26
04/06/2017 Trent A. & Christine R. HellerStar Financial BankPendleton$188,348.66
04/06/2017 Unknown Heirs of Lester B Cox, deceasedNationstar Mortgage LLCGreenfield$92,231.33
05/04/2017 Brenda BozarthNationstar Mortgage LLCFortville$67,942.01
05/04/2017 Danielle & Mickey W. CoryU.S. Bank National AssociationNew Palestine$172,749.25
05/04/2017 Douglas E. & Jessica E. RobertsOcwen Loan Servicing, LLCMcCordsville$108,029.27
05/04/2017 Estate of William E. MorrisCitibank, N.A.New Palestine$117,835.65
05/04/2017 Jason A. BarrettThe Bank of New York MellonMcCordsville$207,303.11
05/04/2017 Jason L. DanielsU.S. Bank National AssociationMcCordsville$130,336.21
05/04/2017 John E. & Eleanor C. RussmanU.S. Bank Trust, N.A.Fortville$135,546.92
05/04/2017 John Hall, Kimberly & Wayne HochgesangOcwen Loan ServicingGreenfield$50,213.49
05/04/2017 Marcy M. SmitleyCitizens BankMcCordsville$143,217.69
05/04/2017 Nicole L. & Janet M. NiendorfLakeview Loan Servicing, LLCNew Palestine$140,147.27
05/04/2017CancelledShane P. MayberryBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$153,199.75
05/04/2017 Timothy L. & Carol A. WrightBayview Loan Servicing, LLCGreenfield$137,175.70
05/04/2017 Unknown Heirs of Charles E. CroweU.S. Bank National AssociationGreenfield$137,774.12
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