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07/31/2014 Angela M. MaysBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$202,801.44
07/31/2014 Brian HoweyGreen Tree Servicing LLCGreenfield$154,182.24
07/31/2014CancelledBrian L. & Alison EllisonU.S. Bank NAGreenfield$247,818.04
07/31/2014CancelledDanielle N. GriffithBayview Loan ServicingGreenfield$173,911.77
07/31/2014CancelledDreama G. FenneyJPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$114,267.84
07/31/2014CancelledGregory RichmondWells Fargo BankGreenfield$101,096.10
07/31/2014CancelledHackney Office LLC Star Financial BankGreenfield$67,177.88
07/31/2014 Harold & Sharon D. GibsonU.S. Bank NAGreenfield$333,145.50
07/31/2014 Heather A. GriffinNationstar Mortgage LLC Greenfield$105,467.94
07/31/2014CancelledJamie A. Linscott JPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$130,545.93
07/31/2014 John A. & Stacey E. GriffithAmeriana BankFountaintown$218,178.02
07/31/2014 John W. GladneyLakeview Loan ServicingMcCordsville$97,656.23
07/31/2014 Keith A. Baker & Lula B. BrownThe Bank of New York MellonCharlottesville$108,575.23
07/31/2014CancelledMarcy M. SmitleyRBS Citizens NAMcCordsville$143,217.69
07/31/2014CancelledMelissa A. & David SullivanJPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$165,426.66
07/31/2014 Nancy PinedoDeutsche Bank National TrustGreenfield$89,029.51
07/31/2014CancelledScott P. McGauley Deutsche Bank National TrustGreenfield$93,847.32
07/31/2014CancelledSingco Office LLC Star Financial BankGreenfield$134,611.52
07/31/2014CancelledTerrence L. Lynch & Rhonda JacksonWells Fargo BankMcCordsville$147,678.51
07/31/2014 William A. & Barabara J. KrieU.S. Bank Greenfield$106,990.08
08/21/2014 Brent A. & Miki HollenbaughOcwen Loan ServicingMcCordsville$259,713.34
08/21/2014 Collin DeuganDeutsche Bank National Trust CoGreenfield$112,827.57
08/21/2014 Craig J. ShawRegions BankMcCordsville$143,332.47
08/21/2014 Cynthia S. PowersFirst Horizon Home LoansGreenfield$88,231.80
08/21/2014 Dean IceDeutsche Bank National Trust Co.McCordsville$198,929.32
08/21/2014 Deanna K. DeeterBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$60,243.65
08/21/2014 Douglas W. & Myla Jo Harrison The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co.Fortville$117,660.27
08/21/2014 Edward E. MorganJPMorgan Chase BankGreenfield$137,196.24
08/21/2014 Frankie & Patti L. PhelpsHIP LOANS 1, LLCGreenfield$64,305.92
08/21/2014 Gregory M. & Ashlee M. SmithJPMorgan Chase BankNew Palestine$137,473.90
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