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07/20/2017CancelledDavid Eugene & Shirley Ann CarterAspen at Streamside Condominium AssociationGreenfield$65,351.50
07/20/2017SoldEric J. HutchisonU.S. Bank, National AssociationGreenfield$104,863.70
07/20/2017SoldHeirs of Cora M. TrueCitibank, N.A.Fortville$71,693.53
07/20/2017SoldIra G. KeyU.S. Bank National AssociationGreenfield$93,653.17
07/20/2017SoldJeffery E. & Maureen L. BassChristiana TrustMcCordsville$265,165.05
07/20/2017SoldJeremy S. PolsonFederal National MortgageGreenfield$58,160.55
07/20/2017SoldShane P. MayberryBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$153,199.75
07/20/2017CancelledSonja EdmondsWells Fargo BankMcCordsville$177,922.45
07/20/2017SoldTroy K. & Tami L. NapierDeutsche Bank National TrustGreenfield$925,840.78
07/20/2017SoldU.S. Small Business Administration, et al Indiana Properties, LLCNew Palestine$118,114.93
08/17/2017 Christina M. SmithFifth Third Mortgage CompanyNew Palestine$147,783.29
08/17/2017 Heather J. & Michael S. CarltonFreedom Mortgage Corp.Greenfield$128,150.82
08/17/2017 Jason P. O'NealFederal National Mortgage Corp.Wilkinson$67,205.62
08/17/2017 Jorry W. & P. JoAnn EhlingerU.S. Bank National AssociationMcCordsville$146,080.47
08/17/2017CancelledLieselotte K. Juenger & Karen P. JuengerWells Fargo BankGreenfield$29,877.82
08/17/2017 Marcy M. SmitleyCitizens Bank, N.A.McCordsville$143,217.69
08/17/2017 New Palestine Plaza, et alDixie Trust 2013-1New Palestine$475,607.50
08/17/2017 Richard R. HutsonCitiMortgage, Inc.Greenfield$129,877.21
08/17/2017 William M. BoltPHH Mortgage CorporationGreenfield$44,548.01
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