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05/19/2016SoldAshley A. Creek Kondaur Capital CorporationGreenfield$209,956.35
05/19/2016CancelledBrian K. Pell Wells Fargo BankWillow Branch$89,707.29
05/19/2016SoldCharles W. & Charles D. McWhirterWells Fargo BankGreenfield$163,438.92
05/19/2016SoldChristopher R. AlexanderDeutsche Bank National TrustGreenfield$151,203.24
05/19/2016SoldCynthia L. WelterU.S. Bank National AssociationGreenfield$125,647.01
05/19/2016CancelledDerek A. GolobPHH Mortgage Corporation Greenfield$81,561.19
05/19/2016CancelledIra G. KeyU.S. Bank National AssociationGreenfield$93,653.17
05/19/2016SoldJanalyn HendrixNew Penn Financial, LLC Greenfield$101,885.40
05/19/2016CancelledJeffrey & Linda GenrichU.S. Bank National AssociationMcCordsville$187,256.40
05/19/2016SoldKandace L. HellerBayview Loan Servicing, LLC Greenfield$1,371,158.33
05/19/2016SoldMark & Cynthia KinderWells Fargo BankIndianapolis$160,829.39
05/19/2016SoldMarty R. BogardusBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$148,981.44
05/19/2016SoldMary McIlveen, deceasedloanDepot.comMcCordsville$110,274.55
05/19/2016CancelledRichard A. RameyWells Fargo BankGreenfield$48,398.53
05/19/2016CancelledTimothy HopeThe Bank of New York MellonMcCordsville$152,365.66
06/16/2016 Cheryl S. & Michael E. GatesBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$188,622.80
06/16/2016 Craig M. & Mindy M. RigneyWells Fargo BankGreenfield$146,111.85
06/16/2016 Danny QuarboDeutsche Bank National Trust CompanyGreenfield$81,679.86
06/16/2016 David T. WagnerFederal National Mortgage Assoc.Greenfield$120,692.22
06/16/2016 Denise Ann & Roger D. McClammerOcwen Loan Servicing, LLC Greenfield$190,925.54
06/16/2016 Heirs of Otto Fischer, deceasedPingora Loan ServicingGreenfield$114,143.03
06/16/2016 Juan N. Curry Caliber Home Loans, Inc.McCordsville$250,831.82
06/16/2016 Kenneth L. & Linda GarnerDeutsche Bank National TrustFortville$83,632.01
06/16/2016 Mike EastesU.S. Bank National AssociationFortville$216,065.29
06/16/2016 Rebekah M. WhiteFederal National Mortgage Assoc.Fortville$140,830.45
06/16/2016 Thanh & Greg K. Ramey Wells Fargo BankGreenfield$61,730.69
06/16/2016 Thomas M. & Marnita S. BoydFifth Third Mortgage CompanyIndianapolis$221,038.88
06/16/2016 Tracey M. KirklandWells Fargo Bank, N.A.McCordsville$219,094.22
06/16/2016 Ulises S. Lopez-DominguezFreedom Mortgage CorporationGreenfield$113,823.31
06/16/2016CancelledUnknown Heirs of Donald E. Tansy Bank of America, N.A.McCordsville$177,266.75
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