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11/06/2014 Brandon J. & Julia A. SnedekerOcwen Loan ServicingMcCordsville$146,484.13
11/06/2014 Brent A. & Miki HollenbaughOcwen Loan ServicingMcCordsville$259,713.84
11/06/2014 Brett D. Van AlstNationstar Mortgage LLCMaxwell$69,337.13
11/06/2014 Brian K. PartinFirst Horizon Home LoansGreenfield$134,681.69
11/06/2014 Brian L. & Alison EllisonU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$247,818.04
11/06/2014 Bruce B. & Donna M. YoungsBAC Home Loans ServicingFortville$116,915.41
11/06/2014 Carl E. Soots, deceasedNationstar Mortgage LLCNew Palestine$139,564.55
11/06/2014 Charles R., Dorothy E. & Henry C. CheshierFifth Third Mortgage CompanyGreenfield$242,563.41
11/06/2014 Clayton W. & Deidre D. Allen Federal National Mortgage Assoc.Greenfield$86,769.00
11/06/2014 Darin M. WalshThe Huntington National BankGreenfield$180,066.67
11/06/2014 Dennis E. & Cathy A. Gray Green Tree Servicing LLC New Palestine$139,943.85
11/06/2014 Estate of Rhonda GoodmanBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$92,816.42
11/06/2014 Paul Comstock IIIU.S. Bank Trust, N.A.Greenfield$243,970.65
11/06/2014 Randy J. Ross Federal National Mtg Assoc.Greenfield$116,004.50
11/06/2014 Renee KiserMidFirst BankGreenfield$122,941.34
11/06/2014 Richard S. & Teresa K. MillerNationstar Mortgage LLC Greenfield$143,553.88
11/06/2014 Rodney L. KarresBank of AmericaGreenfield$78,428.69
11/06/2014 Ronald W. & Victoria L. JohnsonU.S. Bank, N.A.Greenfield$182,134.99
11/06/2014 Shane McNeil MerriweatherJPMorgan Chase BankFortville$107,825.02
11/06/2014 Shelley LusterU.S. Bank, N.A.McCordsville$120,686.55
11/06/2014 Tammy VoilesBank of America, N.A.Greenfield$143,141.50
11/06/2014 Thomas C. & Celeste A. BoswellBank of America. N.A.New Palestine$251,944.00
12/04/2014 Andrew M. & Sarah B. MartinBayview Loan ServicingFortville$168,181.65
12/04/2014 Beverly A. BrownGMAT Legal Title TrustMcCordsville$190,396.81
12/04/2014 Brooke E. & Ryan KinderMidFirst BankGreenfield$86,139.01
12/04/2014 David B. McGuire, deceasedCitiMortgage, Inc.Greenfield$142,569.55
12/04/2014 Deanna & Jeffery ThompsonJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$92,739.00
12/04/2014 Erin J. ProfancikThe Bank of New York MellonGreenfield$79,683.09
12/04/2014 Gerald Brad;ey PeaseQuicken LoansNew Palestine$145,619.35
12/04/2014 Ingred M. MillsBank of America, N.A.Fortville$76,717.30
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