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10/13/2016SoldAndree & Paul J. MaslekSpringleaf Home Equity, Inc.Greenfield$33,992.15
10/13/2016SoldCarrie HicksWells Fargo Bank, N.A.Greenfield$114,094.60
10/13/2016SoldCheryl S. & Michael E. GatesBank of America N.A.Greenfield$188,622.80
10/13/2016CancelledDaniel C. & Kelly R. HooverDitech Financial LLC Wilkinson$110,170.43
10/13/2016SoldDarek M. StumpPNC MortgageFortville$108,566.55
10/13/2016SoldDenise B. BussardDitech Financial LLC Greenfield$114,214.66
10/13/2016SoldDionne M. Fields & Michael Richey JPMorgan Chase BankWilkinson$185,301.31
10/13/2016CancelledElizabeth A. Moody HSBC Bank USA, N.A.Greenfield$71,754.77
10/13/2016CancelledJames Bruce FlowersWells Fargo Bank, N.A.McCordsville$141,662.19
10/13/2016CancelledLavena L. ThompsonJPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.McCordsville$114,817.48
10/13/2016SoldMichael A. & Rebecca J. SpencerDeutsche Bank National Trust Co.New Palestine$184,601.79
10/13/2016SoldRichard A. Burk, Sr.Federal National Mortgage Assoc.Greenfield$127,587.74
10/13/2016SoldScott A. PiferOcwen Loan Servicing, LLC Greenfield$124,460.11
10/13/2016SoldShirley BakerU.S. Bank National Assoc.Greenfield$125,359.48
11/18/2016 Andrew M. & Sarah B. MartinBayview Loan ServicingFortville$168,181.65
11/18/2016CancelledBryan & Karri HarbertWells Fargo BankNew Palestine$167,434.60
11/18/2016 Bryon TheobaldCaliber Home Loans, Inc.Greenfield$68,265.56
11/18/2016 Dawn KellyJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$123,521.56
11/18/2016 Denise K BrownJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$109,792.69
11/18/2016 Gary J. & Ann E. RatcliffWells Fargo BankMcCordsville$115,680.53
11/18/2016 Joe W. & Cynthia D. MillerUnion Savings BankGreenfield$124,764.91
11/18/2016 Judith A. KuzminskiPNC BankGreenfield$64,675.01
11/18/2016 Lavena L. ThompsonJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$114,817.48
11/18/2016 Patricia M. WathenJPMorgan Chase BankMcCordsville$251,220.20
11/18/2016 Ronald J. & Anissa M. Nelson Carrington Mortgage Services LLCMcCordsville$188,665.25
11/18/2016 Ryan G. GarrityWells Fargo BankGreenfield$168,480.62
11/18/2016 Victoria E. GuyColonial National MortgageFortville$135,877.09
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