Jail Division

Phone Number:  317-477-1158


Captain Andy Craig



The current facility was opened in April of 1988.  The jail has capacity for 157 inmates, with another 100 inmates next door at the County's work release/community corrections center.  The Hancock County Sheriff's Department Jail Division consists of 22 full time custody staff and 3 part time staff.

Whenever a person is arrested in Hancock County, that person is brought to our facility.  We house prisoners charged with minor misdemeanors like public intoxication or driving while suspended all the way up to Murder.  While in custody, our staff is responsible for all inmates care, custody and safety.  This facility provides for inmate laundry services, meal preperation and service, and most medical and dental needs.

Although most prisoners stay only a short period, some prisoners may stay the entire time from arrest, through tiral, to sentencing.  Even after sentencing, inmates may stay at the county jail for extended periods of time waiting for available space at a state institution.  The Hancock County Jail averages a daily inmate population ranging from 125 to 165.




Inmate commissary deposits can be made by going to the following link: jailatm.com. You will need the inmate's ID number and or name and date of birth.  There is also a kiosk located in the lobby of the jail.  This kiosk accepts cash or credit cards.  You will also need the inmate's ID number or name and date of birth to put money on an inmate's account from the kiosk. 




Doctor call is held weekly at the Hancock County Jail and inmates are required to pay a minimal fee for services and prescriptions. Nurse call is available daily and a fee may be charged for this service. Indigent inmates will not be denied treatment, however a negative balance will be held against their account. Indigent inmates will be provided with the minimum necessary healthcare items weekly.  Dentist call is also held on a as needed basis and there is a fee for this service.




The Hancock County Jail does not accept clothing from outside this facility. Inmates can purchase clothing items (underwear, t-shirts, socks, etc) from commissary. One set of clothing will be accepted one week in advance if an inmate is scheduled for a jury trial.




All inmates of the Hancock County Jail may send and receive correspondence through the U.S. Postal Service.  No mail, notes or photgraphs may be dropped off at the jail for inmates.  Mail that is received at the Hancock County Jail for an inmate that has been released or transferred to another facility will be returned to the sender.


The proper address for incoming mail to a Hancock County Jail Inmate is:

Inmate Name, Block letter

Hancock County Jail

123 E. Main Street

Greenfield, IN 46140


Please be certain to have your return address, including your name, in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.  (This will ensure the return of the letter in case the inmate has left our facility.)  Please do not place stickers, perfume, glitter or other material on the envelope or letter.  Please do not send poloroid pictures, pornographic photos, sexually explicit photos, or photos depicting violence  as they are not allowed in the Hancock County Jail.  Due to an increasing risk of contraband, the Hancock County Jail will no longer accept any type of card sent to an inmate.  Any cards will be placed in inmate property and held until release.  All personal mail is inspected for any and all types of  contraband.


Inmate Telephone Service

Combined Public Service provides our inmate telephone service.  Inmates or family may purchase prepaid phone cards for the inmate to use.  There are 2 ways to purchase prepaid phone cards:  1.  Prepaid calling card vending machine in the lobby of the jail.  (cash only).  2.  Family may call 1-877-998-5678 and select option 4.  This method accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Family members may also set up a prepaid direct account.  This allows for the inmate to call only that particular number, as long as there is money on the account.  This can be set up in 2 ways:  1.  Internet set-up, go to www.inmatesales.com.  Select Create an account.  Click on buy call time to 1 phone number.  Choose the jail in which the inmate is housed (Hancock County Jail-Indiana).  Enter the phone number that you would like the inmate to call.  Choose the amount of money you want to put on that phone number.  Enter your Visa or MasterCard number.  Payment processess in about 15 minutes.  2.  You can also call 1-800-849-6081.








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Offender Watch Image