Care Trak

In 2016, the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department joined law enforcement agencies across the country in implementing Care Trak, a telemetry based system for tracking people at risk. Equipped with equipment and training, our officers are able to local and assist Alzheimer’s/dementia wanderers and children with special needs, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and other conditions.

How it Works

The Care Trak system is available to Hancock County residents with a qualifying medical condition* at no cost. A small transmitter is worn by the at-risk adult or child. The transmitter has a specific frequency number unique to the wearer. If the at-risk person is missing, family members can call 911, and our officers will be able to track the missing person using the Care Trak equipment.

Care Trak’s telemetry-based tracking is highly accurate and will track the lost person inside or outside, day or night, to their position.

*Qualifying medical condition must be confirmed by a physician’s diagnosis. Care Trak is only available for special needs children (not available for typical children).

Contact the Sheriff’s Department to make arrangements to get started with Care Trak.